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Is Damien Hirst Bankrolling Banksy?

Street art by Banksy.

Is twelve million dollar sharp-man Damien Hirst funding Banksy? That’s what Daily Beast writer Lizzie Crocker theorizes today.

Crocker writes:

Despite this ostensible aversion to personal fame and publicity, Banksy agreed to be featured in Hirst’s 2006 show at the Serpentine Gallery in London, “In the darkest hour there may be light.” Speaking to The Guardian about Banksy’s work, Hirst praised the pseudonymous graffiti artist. “I’ve always thought he was great. The streets are boring…anyone like Banksy who makes it entertaining and treats people like people instead of consumers is brilliant.”

It was the beginning of a collaboration that has fueled rumors about Banksy’s identity and associations—particularly amongst those who speculate that “Banksy” is in fact a sort of performance art collective funded by art world mandarins.

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