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Watch: Alison Moyet’s “Changeling”

Alison Moyet’s “Changeling,” the third single off the minutes, is not to be confused with The Doors’ “The Changeling.” Very different songs.

“The video is inspired by a feeling of displacement that Alison described experiencing when she wrote the song,” video director Cat Botibol said in a press release. “She found herself looking down at people from a high-up hotel window – feeling strange and like an alien, as they scurried like ants around the city streets. I flipped this on its head and shot Alison singing on her own, underneath the city in the vaults under Waterloo station. The crowds of people are represented in a projected world, casting light and shadow onto Alison. I brought the choreographer Ann Pidcock on board to work with Alison to move her body into awkward, angular shapes that took influence from the jerkiness of the track. We took some styling and lighting references from David Lynch’s ‘Eraserhead’ to further accentuate the feeling of displacement.”

And in case you’re interested, The Doors “The Changeling.”