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Watch: Shelby Lynne Drops New Song, Video, “Call Me Up”

Shelby Lynne has a new EP called “Thanks” due December 10, 2013. This one is from that EP.

Here’s what Lynne herself says about the song and the video on the Huffington Post site:

“I had the song in my head and I was ready to go as soon as I walked into the studio door. Maxine Waters was with me, the guys had already made their way over, not knowing what to expect. I didn’t either really because I had never met Ed Maxwell on bass, and Michael Jerome was set to play the drums, had never met him either. Ben Peeler was my lead man. I told him I wanted to record some gospel tunes in the desert, when could he hand-pick some players and get them over there, I’d be ready with songs in hand. He was the man responsible for pulling together the heads for this recording.

“Maxine and I walked in the door to these handsome, smiling faces, introductions were made. I had Stella on my back because I had carried her in that way from the Jeep. She is my 1920’s acoustic guitar I bought in Tucson not too long ago. She would be the fitting rhythm for this tune. It needed to jump! Jump! So while we were all standing around about to get too comfortable I reached around and pulled Stella to my front, and said “Fellas, lets hit a little of this.” Jason Harter and I have worked together for years enough to know how I roll. I don’t want to see a camera, I never do do-overs and LIVE is my WAY. Whatever happens is suppose to happen and there you have it.

“So he was rolling video, tape, digital, whatever they call it now, when we walked in the door. By the middle of the second pass, I stopped and told engineer Grady Price ‘Let’s get RED…let’s cut it now before we lose it.’ So what you see here is our little video that Jason put together with what he gathered during the actual recording of the song ‘Call Me Up.’ That day, that minute, those very seconds, I told Jason that if this video had cost a million dollars, I wouldn’t have liked it as much. Cheers and peace!”