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Bobby Womack Working on Followup to ‘ Bravest Man In The Universe’ with Stevie Wonder, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross

Photo from Bobby Womack’s Facebook page.

Soul great Bobby Womack has been working on a followup to his incredible comeback album, Bravest Man In The Universe,
he said in an interview with Okayplayer.com

He said he may also work again with Damon Albarn and XL Records boss Richard Russell, who both produced his previous album.

I told Damon and Richard that whenever they’re available to record I will make myself available. But I was already Working on a new album, I have Stevie Wonder on it, I have Rod Stewart, Levert, Snoop Dogg is on it, this lady from Motown–now what was her name? Well, I have a lot of songs where you hear Stevie Wonder singing the song and you hear me on the same song, so you really get the style, because I think that’s important. You don’t get that style anymore. Like Sam Cooke and Ray Charles I love both because they’re both so different. Nowadays its more about fitting everybody in with the latest style or the latest fad–and then that’s how they get rid of you so quick when the fad goes out—except maybe Mariah Carey, she still has that voice and that sound you recognize. But you know I heard an interview with Gloria Gaynor the other day and what she was saying was true: mostly you have to really fight to get your own sound and get it down. It takes time; sometimes it takes a few records that don’t sell till you find it. Anybody– Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye–they all fought the labels to put their own sound down and that’s why they lasted.

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Bobby Womack, “The Bravest Man in the Universe”: