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Listen: Animal Collective’s Panda Bear Drops Cool ‘Green Ray Mix’

Poster by Bjorn Copeland via Gorilla Vs. Bear..

Friday, December 13, the Green Ray festival in Lisbon, Portugal, curated by Animal Collective’s Panda Bear will take place. Below is his “Green Ray Mix,” which features music by artists playing the festival, including Actress, Gang Gang Dance’s Brian DeGraw as bEEdEEgEE, and Eric Copeland.

Tracks in the mix:

1. niagara — kraftor
2. eric copeland — a little tit
3. actress — the lords graffitti
4. ron morelli — no real reason
5. marcellus pittman — a mix
6. bEEdEEgEE — bricks
7. gala drop – drop
8. panda bear — ponytail

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