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The Guitar Bob Dylan Played At Newport Sells for $965,000

Photo of Dylan and the pricey guitar via Rolling Stone.

The sunburst Fender Stratocaster that Bob Dylan played when he went electric at 1965’s Newport Folk Festival and angered fans with a three song rock set that began with a noisy “Maggie’s Farm,” was auctioned at Christie’s on Friday for $965,000, according to the auction house’s website.

The  buyer actually had to pay $985,000, which includes what’s called a “buyer’s premium,” in this case $20,000 that goes to the auctioneer — not the seller — to cover administrative expenses.

In total the buyer paid $985,000 to own the guitar once played by Bob Dylan.

For background on the guitar and how it came to be auctioned, head to Rolling Stone or this Associated Press story or this one at The Guardian.

“Maggie’s Farm” at the Newport Folk Festival, Sunday July 25, 1965:

Bob Dylan & Mike Bloomfield -Maggie's Farm… by Tushratta

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