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Watch: Pearl Jam Release Collaboration with Jay Z for Christmas Single

Cover art from Pearl Jam Christmas single.
More cover art from Pearl Jam CHristmas single.

On December 19 Pearl Jam Online broke the news about this year’s Pearl Jam Christmas single:


PEARL JAM | 2013 Holiday Single

SIDE A: 99 Problems – Written by Jay-Z, Performed by Pearl Jam with Jay-Z (9/2/2012 Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Made In America Festival)
SIDE B: Shattered – Written by Rolling Stones, Performed by Eddie Vedder with Jeanne Tripplehorn (9/15/2013 Private Location, Malibu, CA, EBMRF Benefit with Ed Vedder)

Here’s video of “99 Problems”:

Here’s video of “Shattered”:

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