Video: Neil Young ‘Human Highway’ Trailers – Amazing Devo Nuclear Waste Footage From 1981 Says It All & Nothing Has Changed

Devo load nuclear waste into truck in “Human Highway.”

Neil Young AKA Bernard Shakey co-directed “Human Highway” with Dean Stockwell in the late’70s and early ’80s and it was first released in 1982.

Now a Director’s Cut will be debuted at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, which runs from Sept. 4 through Sept. 14, 2014.

I would expect that later this year, or sometime in 2015, a DVD and blu-ray will be released, although this is speculation at this point, as no information about a DVD or blu-ray version has been announced.

Wikipedia on the plot of “Human Highway”:

Employees and customers spend time at a small gas station-diner in a fictional town next to a nuclear power plant unaware it is the last day on Earth. Young Otto (Dean Stockwell) has received ownership of the failing business by the Will of his recently deceased father. His employee, Lionel Switch (Neil Young), is the garage’s goofy and bumbling auto mechanic who dreams of being a rock star. “I can do it!” Lionel often exclaims. After some modest character development and a collage-like dream sequence there is a tongue-in-cheek choreographed musical finale while nuclear war begins.

This amazing scene really tells it like it is, and Neil Young got it right over 30 years ago. Right now, 2014, the world is falling apart and the corporate lords who rule don’t give a shit.

Watch the film:

More trailers below:

Human Highway (Director’s Cut) Trailer from Shakey Pictures on Vimeo.

Director(s): Bernard Shakey, Dean Stockwell, Neil Young
Country: USA
Year: 1982
Language: English
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Runtime: 80 minutes
Rating: STC
Visit Film Website
Executive Producer: Elliot Rabinowitz
Producer: L.A. Johnson
Production Company: Shakey Pictures
Principal Cast: Dean Stockwell, Neil Young, Devo, Russ Tamblyn, Dennis Hopper, Charlotte Stewart, Sally Kirkland, Geraldine Baron
Screenplay: Bernard Shakey, Dean Stockwell, Jeanne Field, Russ Tamblyn
Cinematographer: David Myers
Editor: James Beshear, L.A. Johnson, Benjamin Johnson, Toshi Onuki, Mark Faulkner
Sound: Tim Mulligan, Tamara Johnson
Music: Neil Young, Devo

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