Audio: Bob Dylan Does ‘Things Have Changed,’ ‘Stay With Me’- April 25, 2015

This is an older photo – it’s NOT from the gig.

Three songs from Bob Dylan’s performance at Durham Performing Arts Center, Durham, NC, on April 25, 2015.

“Things Have Changed”:

“Blowin’ In The Wind”:

“Stay With Me”:

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Audio: Neil Young + Willie Nelson’s Sons Live At SLO Brewing Co. – Full Set!j

Young and Nelson brothers.
Neil Young’s next album, The Monsanto Years, is very much a political album. Some of the songs, such as the one that may be called “If I Don’t Know,” is quite good — one of his best in some years. Others are more like political rants that, at least on initial listen, don’t hold up. It’s admirable that Young wants to use the platform he has to deliver political messages, but at times his songs suffer because it seems the message is more important than the song. Also, while GMOs are an issue, they pale besides the horrendous impact of animal agriculture on climate change and our environment and I wish Neil Young would get hip to the biggest cause of climate change and focus some of his political energy on it.

Or is that just too hot a topic for Neil Young to address.

“I don’t really have anything against the people at Monsanto or the human beings working for Monsanto,” Young said on April 22, at a screening at the IFC Center in New York of a “work in progress” documentary about the making of The Monsanto Years. “But the laws that they’re making have made Monsanto the perfect poster child for problems that we have with the corporate government. So I wrote a bunch of songs about it. These kids I’m playing with all are with me on it.”

The film was part of The Bernard Shakey Film Retrospective” that took place from APril 17 through April 23, 2015.

Bernard Shakey is the name Young uses for his films.

On April 16, 2015, Young performed at the SLO Brewing Copany in San Luis Obispo, CA accompanied by Promise of the Real, a band featuring Wille Nelson’s sons, Lukas and Jacob Micah Nelson on guitars, Corey McCormick, bass, and Anthony Logerfo, drums.

Neil will be touring with this band.

Check out his entire set at SLO Brewing Company including nine new songs that were played live for the first time. The songs will likely appear on Young’s upcoming album, The Monsanto Years, due out June 16, 2015. However, thus far, the titles of the songs that will appear on the album have not been officially released.

Titles below of the new songs are tentative and definitely not official.

You can download all of these songs here.

1 “Country Home”:

2 “People Want to Hear About Love” (live debut):

3 “New Day for the Planet” (live debut):

4. “Down by the River”:

5 “Too Big Too Fail” (live debut):

6 “Rock Starbucks (live debut)”:

7 “Walk On”:

8 “Monsanto Years” (live debut):

9 “Working Man” (live debut):

10 “Seeds” (live debut):

11 “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere”:

12 “Big Sky Wolf Moon” (live debut):

13 “Love and Only Love”:

14 “If I Don’t Know” (live debut):

15 “Country Home”:

16 Crowd Cheer:

17 “Roll Another Number” (For the Road)”:

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Video: Bob Dylan, Van Morrison Do Webb Pierce’s ‘More & More’

Dylan, Morrison, January 16, 1998

In 1954 Webb Pierce’s “More and More” spent ten weeks atop the country charts (and reached #22 on the pop charts).

Check out this cool version by Bob Dylan and Van Morrison, which is from a January 16, 1998 concert in New York at The Theater, Madison Square Garden.

Dylan joined Morrison during Morrison’s set.

Here’s Webb Pierce singing “More and More”:

Plus here’s Dylan and Morrison singing “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”:

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Video: Watch Footage Of Entire BOAA, DXE Goat Festival Protest

Dead goat cooking demo protest. Photo by Michael Goldberg

The entire BOAA, DXE protest at the Goat Festival in San Francisco this past Saturday, also known as Goatchella, was videotaped and all the video was uploaded to YouTube.

Clearly calling the festival Goatchella was an attempt by the festival organizers to give this sick event some kind of hipness. They failed.

The protest was quite remarkable. I was there as a participant, but I also took photos, some of which are part of this post.

As you’ll see if you watch the first video clip, which documents the fifteen minute protest that effectively disrupted a cooking demo during which sausage made from dead goat flesh was served, a young woman stood up as soon as the protest began and delivered a moving speech about the rights of goats to a decent life that does not include being murdered so that humans can snack on their dead flesh.

For the second and third videos, the protesters walked through the festival, occasionally stopping to talk about the injustices.

These videos are very powerful and should be an inspiration to anyone who cares about animals.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

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Video: Neil Young & New Band Do ‘Walk On’ – Watch Now!

Neil Young in darkness at secret show.

This past Thursday, April 16, 2015 Neil Young performed a batch of new songs backed by a band featuring Lukas and Micah Nelson on electric guitars, Corey McCormick on bass and Anthony Logerfo on drums.

According to JamBase:

The quintet played a total of ten new songs many of which railed against such companies as Monsanto and Starbucks according to fan reports. But the five-piece also dipped into Young’s back catalogue for seven classics including “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere,” “Down By The River” and Neil’s first take on “Walk On” since 2000. Tickets to the last minute show cost a mere $10. Neil Young first teamed with The Nelson Brothers and members of Promise of the Real for appearances at last fall’s Farm Aid, Harvest For Hope benefit and Bridge School Benefit Concerts.

Neil Young & band, “Walk On”:

Brief excerpt of “Down By The River”:

Brief excerpt of “Love And Love Only”:

Set List via Sugar Mountain:

1. Country Home
2. New Song 1 – People Want To Hear About Love ??*
3. New Song 2 – New Day For The Planet ??*
4. Down By The River
5. New Song 3 – Too Big To Fail ??*
6. New Song 4 – GMO-Starbucks ??*

7. Walk On
8. New Song 5 – Monsanto ??*
9. New Song 6 – I Don’t Know You ??*
10. New Song 7 – Seeds ??*
11. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
12. Wolf Moon*
13. Love And Only Love
14. New Song 9*
15. New Song 10*
16. Country Home

17. Roll Another Number

* – song debut

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Audio: Bob Dylan Live In Charleston, SC – April 17, 2015 – ‘Simple Twist Of Fate,’ ‘Scarlet Town’ & More

Dylan and band in Charleston. Photo by Sardis 12

Bob Dylan and his band performed at the North Charleston Coliseum & Performing Arts Center in Charleston, South Carolina on April 17, 2015.

“Tangled Up In Blue” from the first set (not the best recording):

Second set:

Set List for second set:

High Water (For Charley Patton)
Simple Twist Of Fate
Early Roman Kings
Forgetful Heart
Spirit On The Water
Scarlet Town
Soon After Midnight
Long And Wasted Years
Blowin’ In The Wind
Stay With Me

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Audio: Bob Dylan In Melbourne, Australia – April 20, 1966 – ‘Visions Of Johanna,’ ‘Fourth Time Around’ & More

Bob Dylan, 1966

Oh to have caught one of Bob Dylan’s show’s in 1966 when the songs he was playing had been written in the very recent past.

Forty-nine years ago, on April 20, 1966 Dylan performed solo and with most of The Hawks at Festival Hall in Melbourne, Australia.

Here are most of the songs performed that night.

If they don’t play for you, go to Grooveshark and do a search.

“She Belongs To Me”:

//She Belongs To Me by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

“Fourth Time Around”:

Fourth Time Around by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

“Visions Of Johanna”:

Visions Of Johanna by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

“It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”:

It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

“Desolation Row”:

Desolation Row by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

“Just Like A Woman” not available.

Here’s a version of “Just Like A Woman” from another show:

Bob Dylan – Just Like a Woman (Live) from Vilosophe on Vimeo.

“Mr. Tambourine Man” not available.

“Tell Me Momma” (clip is mislabeled):

Just Like A Woman by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

Interview plus “Tell Me Momma”:

Adelaide Radio Interview / Tell Me, Momma by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

“Baby, Let Me Follow You Down”:

Baby Let Me Follow You Down by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

“Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues”:

Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

Audio: Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Ron Wood, Joe Cocker Do ‘Seven Days’

Bob Dylan and Ron Wood at the Prince’s Trust Concert in 1996.

I’ve always loved this Bob Dylan song. I’ve got versions by Dylan himself as well as Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Joe Cocker.

Here’s a live version by Keith Richards from 1979:

Great version with Joe Cocker and Ron Wood from 1983:

And another Joe Cocker version from 1983:

Here’s Bob Dylan doing it live in 1976 shortly after he wrote it.

Here’s a live version by Ron Wood from 2012:

And here’s the excellent version off Ron Wood’s 1979 album, Gimme Some Neck.

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Video: Bon Iver Covers Spoon’s ‘Inside Out’ – Watch Now!

Bon Iver’s new video finds him covering Spoon’s “Inside Out.” It’s a very low-key, moody version.

Here’s a live version by Spoon on Austin City Limits:

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Security guard stands by during protest at the goat cooking demonstration. Photos by Michael Goldberg

Today I joined a group of animal activists in protesting a grotesque annual event held at the Ferry Building in San Francisco called the Goat Festival.

You can read an excellent report about the event by my wife Leslie Goldberg at her Vicious Vegan blog.

Here’s the beginning of her post:


By Leslie Goldberg

We were at the annual Goat Festival in San Francisco to cause a disruption Saturday. Yup, this morning I wasn’t pecking at my keyboard spouting off about animal rights or about the environment disaster caused by animal food consumption, but rather I took it to the streets with the animal rights groups DXE (Direct Action Everywhere) and BOAA (Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy).

The disruption was successful: By chanting (loudly) and holding up signs we managed to make it almost impossible to give a cooking goat sausage demonstration.

A small group of foodies had gathered under a tent in front of the Ferry Building to watch John Stewart-Streit show how to fry up the flesh of a goat and to also have some samples. Stewart-Streit owns a restaurant in Oakland that serves “house-butchered porcine delights.” The onlookers sat on folding chairs apparently unaware they were about to experience an animal rights protest up close and personal.

Security, on the other hand, was aware there was to be a disruption. There were about eight San Francisco police officers and private security guards standing around. The cops kept talking into their radios. The security officers seemed annoyed.

As the goat cooking demo got started and the chef started talking about the “pleasures” of goat consumption, one activist who had been sitting in the audience stood up, and holding a poster of a dog kissing a goat, faced the audience and explained (loudly) about how goats feel, suffer, experience joy and love their families just like us.

Read the entire post here.

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