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Ex-Sonic Youth Frontman Forms New Band, Thurston Moore UK

Thurston Moore has formed a new band, Thurston Moore UK, which will open for Lee Renaldo and the Dust at London’s Garage on Nov. 21, 2013.

Moore continues to perform with his other band, Chelsea Light Moving; he currently lives in London.

He recently spoke about the influence of Lou Reed.

“Lou Reed is the all-time rock ‘n’ roll hero for people like me, who work on the margins of rock ‘n’ roll culture,” Moore told writer Keith Spera of The Times-Picayune. “He’s Elvis, Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Dylan, all together. He’s No. 1.”

Moore didn’t talk about his new band, but he gave a hint as to the point of name the band after himself.

“I was trying to get away from the ego-tripping thing, and any kind of spotlight on my name,” he said about calling his first post-Sonic Youth band Chelsea Light Moving. “But nobody knows who we are. Unless people are really trolling my Facebook, they don’t know that I’m in town. I think maybe the next record I do, I’ll call it Thurston Moore & Chelsea Light Moving.”

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Chelsea Light Moving live: