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Robert Plant Plans Record Label, Launches “Robert Recommends” Streaming Playlist

Photo via Robert Plant’s website.

Led Zep singer and solo artist Robert Plant says he intends to start his own independent record label, which he will call YamYam345, according to an interview with The Telegraph which has been posted on Plant’s own website.

In Birmingham, England they call the folks who live in the nearby Black Country, “yam yams.” Plant is from the Black Country.

“I’m just having a laugh kicking ass,” Plant said of the label, without offering any information about it.

Plant remains a huge blues fan. “The blues was a formative thing for me,” he said during his interview with The Telegraph. “It’s a very commodious condition because everybody feels it from time to time. It’s still in the way I sing, just throwing it on a different canvas, I think. It’s an affliction, the flattened third. Thank God it is. I’m 65, I’m loaded with it.” Plant has a poetic turn of phrase that is a delight to listen to in his soft, just faintly perceptible Black Country accent. “The blues is a genre that’s now mostly something of a memory, really, in performance and artistry. But it carries on, it flickers through, it has its moments.”

Plant has started a new feature on his website, Robert Recommends, a playlist of music that Robert digs that you can listen to on his site.

The first playlist includes songs by Fairport Convention, Oum Kalthoum, Charlie Rich, PJ Harvey, John Lee Hooker, Colexico and others.

Check it out here.