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Barrett Strong Wants His ‘Money

New York Times photo by Fabrizio Costantini.
New York Times photo by Fabrizio Costantini.

Onetime Motown recording artist/songwriter Barrett Strong, 72, is at odds with Motown over the song “Money,” according to a recent story in the New York Times. Strong says he wrote the song, and he was originally listed as a writer, according to the United States Copyright Office in Washington. Motown says it was a mistake that Strong’s name was on the song, which rose to #2 on the Billboard rhythm and blues chart in 1960, and reached #23 on the pop charts that year. The Beatles and the Stones recorded versions of the song, and it’s generated millions in publishing royalties over the years. Strong’s name was removed from the song, three years after it was written, according to the Times.

This is a story worth reading if you care about the people who make the music.

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