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Although I expect that much of what I post here will deal with music, I’ll also write about writing, especially related to the novel I completed earlier this year, “Days of the Crazy-Wild,” and a new one I’m currently at work on. I’ll also, on occasion, talk about books I’m reading, films I’ve seen, art and whatever else makes some kind of serious impression.

My first post, which went up yesterday and is about Bob Dylan’s Another Self Portrait, is the second music column I’ve written for the new Australian version of Addicted To Noise. I’m writing a monthly column for the new ATN.

I’ve also posted the first chapter of “Days of the Crazy-Wild,” and there’s a link to it next to the “About me” link near the top of this page. I hope you’ll read the chapter and let me know what you think. My hope is that it’ll pull you into the narrative dream, and as you read it you’ll feel like you’re experiencing what it was like on the West Coast back in the early ’70s when the counterculture and it’s ideas and ideals still seemed to be alive.

I’ll also sometimes post lists of what I’m currently into, and they’ll look like this:

1. Coming Apart, Body/Head (Matador).

2. “The Butler” (in theaters now).

3. “The God of Nightmares,” Paula Fox (W. W. Norton & Company).

4. The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You, Neko Case (Anti-).

5. The Isle of Wight recordings, Bob Dylan (Sony Legacy). Available as Mp3 downloads if you don’t want to buy the $100 Another Self-Portrait box set.

6. “Oh Come On, The Julie Ruin (TJR). Song and video.


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