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Video: Justin Vernon, Megafaun Do ‘Boomer’s Story’ In Durham, NC

Last night Justin Vernon joined his old bandmates, Megafaun, for a spirited verson of Carson Jay Robison’s “Boomer’s Story,” the title song of Ry Cooder’s third album.

“Boomer’s Story”:


“Kaufman’s Ballad”:

Thanks, Stereogum!

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Listen: Stream Or Download Volcano Choir’s Remix EP

Justin Vernon’s Volcano Choir is giving away their new Comrade remix ep.

The tracks:

1 Comrade (All Tiny Creatures Remix)
2 Comrade (Altos Remix)
3 Comrade (Collections Of Colonies Of Bees Remix)
4 Comrade (Rosenau Remix)

Listen below or download at Soundcloud.