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New ‘Basement Tapes’ Album, ‘Lost On the River,’ Due in Autumn

The ‘Lost On the River’ band.

Recording is nearing completion for Lost On The River: The New Basement Tapes, an album of songs based on lyrics that Bob Dylan wrote in 1967 during the time he recorded the original “Basement Tapes” with the future members of The Band, according to a press release from Big Hassle Media.

“These are not B-level Dylan lyrics,” T Bone Burnett, who is producing the album, told The Los Angeles Times Monday. “They’re lyrics he just never got around to finishing.”

Artists involved in the new album are Elvis Costello, Rhiannon Giddens (Carolina Chocolate Drops) Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes), Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Marcus Mumford (Mumford & Sons) and Burnett.

The album is being recorded at Capitol Studios. The musicians have had to write new music to go with the two-dozen lyrics that Dylan wrote.

As of Monday Burnett told the Times that they’d cut 48 tracks including the title song, “Lost On the River,” “Florida Key,” “Card Shark” and “Hi-De-Ho.”

Burnett said he and Costello are going for the magic of the original “Basement Tapes” sessions, which took place in a house in upstate New York, in terms of its creative process.

According to the L. A. Times:

One intriguing facet of the current project is the collaboration among the participants. Each has come up with his or her own music for many of the lyrics, resulting in multiple versions of the same songs and allowing a perspective on the ways different artists respond to Dylan’s lyrics. Each artist takes the lead on the tracking of his or her song, and all provide suggestions and whatever instrumental and vocal support the others require, with Burnett overseeing final production.

“It runs the gamut from everybody having a blast in the studio to being really serious about doing things right,” Giddens told the Times.

Dylan gave Burnett, who was part of Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Review back in 1975, his blessing to make an album with the lyrics. “Great music is best created when a community of artists gets together for the common good,” Burnett said in the press release. “There is a deep well of generosity and support in the room at all times, and that reflects the tremendous generosity shown by Bob in sharing these lyrics with us.”

There will be a Showtime documentary titled, “Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued,” directed by Sam Jones (the Wilco documentary, “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart”). The film will focus on the making of Lost On The River: The New Basement Tapes and provide context regarding the original “Basement Tapes.”

“The discovery of these previously unknown Bob Dylan songs that were thought lost since 1967 is the stuff of Hollywood fiction and a find of truly historical proportions,” Jones said in the press release. “It is a unique opportunity to film T Bone and these great artists as they collaborate with a young Bob Dylan, and each other, to create new songs and recordings. These days and nights in the studio have been nothing less than magical.”

“Lost On the River,” interestingly enough, is the title of a Hank Williams song.

Dylan, of course, has long been a huge Hank Williams fan.

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News Update: Neil Young’s PonoMusic Kickstarter Campaign Passes $2.2 Million Mark

Elvis Costello has endorsed the PonoMusic player.

This is pretty wild.

Neil Young’s Kickstarter campaign for his PonoMusic player passes the $2.2 million mark this evening.

To be exact, 6,475 people had contributed $2,112,066 when I wrote this at around 8:30 p.m. PT, but, actually, the take is now up to $2,206,538.

And 6,784 have people have now contributed.

Meanwhile, what’s up with Neil’s upcoming album, A Letter Home?

Young told Billboard it will ‘likely’ be out this spring.

“It’s not ready for prime time yet. It’s not really a release yet, but it’s a very unique record,” Young said. “It’s like a time capsule. It doesn’t sound like anything you’ve heard that was made recently. And some great songs, some beautiful music.”

For more, check out my post on A Letter Home:

Neil Young’s ‘A Letter Home’ Now Set For ‘Likely’ Spring Release


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Listen: Cool Elvis Costello Remix of Johnny Cash’s ‘She Used To Love Me A Lot’

I’ve previously posted about the ‘lost’ Johnny Cash album, Out Among the Stars, which will be released March 24, 2014.

Now we get an Elvis Costello remix of one of the songs on the album, “She Used To Love Me A Lot.”

The remix is the flip of the single that will be out as a 7″ on March 11; it will also be on the album.

And here’s the album version:

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Watch: Elvis Costello & Keith Richards Jam on Chuck Berry’s ‘Promised Land’

Photo via examiner.com.

Artists including Chuck Berry, Elvis Costello, Keith Richards and Shawn Colvin performed at the PEN New England’s first Song Lyrics of Literary Excellence Awards, held at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston on February 26, 2012 when Chuck Berry and Leonard Cohen were honored.

Below is a video of the entire presentation, including Keith Richards and Elvis Costello performing Chuck Berry’s “Promised Land” and Chuck Berry messing up “Johnny Be Good.” The video quality and sound is professional.

I’ve also included two fan clips that provide a different view. Sound is quite is quite good.

Chuck Berry’s “Promised Land”:

Short clip from a different angle:

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Watch: Elvis Costello Solo, “Shipbuilding,” “Alison” & More

The videos are shaky but the audio is pretty good. I love “Shipbuilding.”

Elvis at Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT. November 21, 2013.

Plus some of the other songs he performed.

Watch: My Morning Jacket, Neil Young, Jenny Lewis Tribute To Lou Reed

At Neil Young’s Bridge School benefit concert this past Sunday night (October 27, 2013) there was an all-star performance of Lou Reed’s “Oh! Sweet Nuthin’.”

Jim James of My Morning Jacket led a group of musicians that included Neil Young, Elvis Costello, Jenny Lewis and others.

This fan video shows a beautiful and moving tribute to Lou Reed.

Stereogum Deconstructs Elvis Costello & The Roots Collaboration


There’s a great essay over at Stereogum by Chris Deville about the collaboration between Elvis Costello and The Roots, Wise Up Ghost.

“The first thing to understand about Wise Up Ghost is that it isn’t a vanity project,” Deville writes. “Yes, the new LP, released yesterday on Blue Note, is a full-length collaboration between Elvis Costello and the Roots. And yes, full-length collaborations between well-known artists sometimes end up as mere historical curiosities (Jay-Z and R. Kelly’sBest Of Both Worlds comes to mind) rather than blockbuster team-ups (Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne comes to mind). But Questo, Costello, and company seem to have put their all into this album, and the results are favorable. It might be a lark, but it’s an exceedingly pleasant lark.

For the rest of the piece, head over to Stereogum.


Video: Elvis Costello & The Roots Rock Brooklyn Bowl

Elvis and La Marisoul sing "Ghost Town."
Elvis and La Marisoul sing “Ghost Town.”

Last night (Sept. 16, 2013) Elvis Costello and The Roots played the Brooklyn Bowl and lucky for you (and me) fans video-taped the show. La Marisoul of La Santa Cecilia sings on a bunch of the songs. I’m totally digging “Spooky Girlfriend,” “Shabby Doll,” “Watching the Detectives” and a terrific version of The Specials’ “Ghost Town.” Wise Up Ghost, the collaboration between Elvis and The Roots is out today on Blue Note.

Check out some of the Brooklyn Bowl performances: