Springsteen’s Handwritten “Born To Run” Lyrics Reveal Song Revisions

A notebook page on which Bruce Springsteen worked on his trademark song, “Born To Run,” is going up for auction at Sotheby’s and is valued between $70,000 and $100,000.

The page reveals that the song didn’t come fully formed onto the page. Rather, much of the original lyric was reworked.

Early version of “Born To Run.”

Check out a larger version of the notebook page here.

Here’s a line that didn’t make it:

They live in fury chasin’ the bad kind of fools glory down a killer’s highway into mainlined [scribbled word] of the sun.

Here are some lines that in revamped form did:

I looked out cross my hood + saw the highway buckle neath the wheels of a gold Chevy 6.

I was headin for the place were good girls die in the arms of wild angels in one last kiss.

There’s also this alternative version of that last line:

I was headin for the place where wild angels die in an everlasting or neverending kiss.

If this is of interest, there’s an article in the New York Times to check out.

Here’s the released version:

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