Country Great Ray Price is Still With Us

Despite earlier reports, Ray Price is still alive, though he is very ill with pancreatic cancer. His son mistakenly posted on Facebook that his father was dead.

Price’s wife, Janie Price, told The Tennessean he is alive.

Price’s wife Janie posted on Facebook: “At this time our loveable Ray Price is still with. us. When it is the time there will be a official statement.”

Bill Mack, who works with Ray Price, posted this: I just completed a telephone call with Janie Price at 10:15PM, Central. She said Ray’s condition is still in a “coma” mode, is not expected to improve. However, I will have my phone next to the bed constantly … if I decide to “crash-out”. She, or someone at the house, will call if there are any changes that need to be posted. I have spoken with so many of Ray’s peers, all so concerned about the “Chief”. That, and the hundreds of responses from you people, has made me realize the true value of friends. Yes, it’s been a day filled with hurt, but for a purpose: Love, concern … and prayers for Ray’s family. God bless you, thanks.

Below the obit I posted earlier, which is premature. However you still might want to check out the some of Price’s hits, which I’ve posted.

Country singer Ray Price, who scored #1 country hits including “Crazy Arms,” “My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You,” and “The Same Old Me,” died today at age 87 at his home in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. Price had been suffering complications from pancreatic cancer since late last year.

In addition to charting in the country top 10 (beginning with “Talk To Your Heart” in 1952), for over 30 years, Price is known for his baritone voice and for pioneering the honky-tonk sound still heard in some country music.

For an in-depth look at Ray Price’s career, check out this article in The Tennessean.

Ray Price performs his first #1 hit, “Crazy Arms,” in 1956 at the Ryman Auditorium.

“My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You,” 1957:

“Heartaches By the Numbers,” 1959:

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