Palma Violets Rock Treasure Island Fest


The Palma Violets are a scruffy bunch, but their reverby guitar heavy garage punk more than makes up for it.

It was sunny out on the island but a cool wind dimmed the heat. That didn’t stop a good-sized crowd from moving to the beat as the London-based quartet filled the air with a sound more fitting for an indoors venue near the midnight hour.

Samuel Fryer has a sandblasting guitar sound, and he comes through with most of the lead vocals, but it’s bassist Alex Jesson who’s got the rock star moves.

Ripping through their terrific debt album, including their hit “Best of Friends,” in about 35 minutes, the group delivered one high octane blast of pleasure after another. They did fine on the big stage but now is the time to catch them in a club if you can.

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