Listen: Patti Smith Talks About The Sea Before Ottawa Folk Festival Appearance

Photo from Patti Smith's website by Angelo Cricchi.
Photo from Patti Smith’s website by Angelo Cricchi.

Before her Sept. 17 appearance at the Ottawa Folk Festival Patti Smith talked about her love of the sea, Robert Louis Stevenson and being alienated as a kid in an interview with CBC’s Alan Neal. “I was always such an alien as a kid,” she told Neal. “But it’s positive alienation. I was sort of a loner and outsider since I was a child, a little different than other kids, skinnier, taller. I was just a different kind of kid but I embraced that…. Because I wanted to be an artist, poet, writer — these were vocations that had the stigma or blessing of alienation attached to them.”

Definitely worth a listen here.

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