Listen: Bob Dylan’s “I’m Not There” Still Blows Me Away

I was listening to this wonderful and mysterious song that Dylan cut with The Band, and which finally was released on the “I’m Not There” soundtrack in 2007.

I thought you might dig it too.

I'm Not There by Bob Dylan & The Band on Grooveshark

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3 thoughts on “Listen: Bob Dylan’s “I’m Not There” Still Blows Me Away

  1. Thanks for the upload, my first hearing after all these years. And it’s a haunting song ….. that takes me fast forward back to the future. Wow, what a trip !

    1. I was in the car listening to a local PBS interview with Greil Marcus in 1997. Greil was promoting his book, “Invisible Republic.” So of course he was being asked about the Basement Tapes and at one point he played “I’m Not There.” I had some kind of portable digital recorder that I had turned on. That was the first time I heard “I’m Not THere.” I could’t believe how great it was. I played my funky recorded-off-the-car-radio recording of “I’m Not There” probably 30 times that day. Obviously I’m still listening 🙂

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