Are Bob Dylan’s ‘Blood On The Tracks’ Sessions Next for ‘Bootleg Series’?

Bob Dylan’s next “Bootleg Series” album could be based on the Blood On The Tracks sessions, according to a report at Rolling Stone today.

Rolling Stone’s Andy Greene spoke to what he calls “a source close to the Dylan camp” about possible future “Bootleg Series” releases.

“There’s a couple of things on our minds, but the natural next one is Blood on the Tracks,” the source is quoted as saying.

The sessions for Blood On The Tracks took place in New York and Minneapolis between Sept. 16, 1974 and December 30, 1974.

“During the first couple of days in New York, Bob played the songs solo on acoustic guitar,” the source told Rolling Stone. “They’re very different than anything that’s been heard before and they’re very special.”

For the rest of this story, head over to Rolling Stone.

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